Food Action Committee for Today (FACT)

FACT is a group that meets monthly to see what can be done to improve food security for Enderby and area citizens.  FACT started in 2012 as an initiative of the Enderby and District Community Resource Centre.  FACT has representation from City Council, Interior Health, Enderby Financial, local farmers, local citizens, the Food Bank, the faith community, Enderby and District Community Resource Centre and Healthiest Babies Possible.  The FACT vision is to have
“A community that has a sustainable and healthy food system where all people have access to safe, healthy and culturally appropriate food that can be obtained in a dignified manner.”






FACT purpose and goals include:

FACT Initiatives

FACT invites anyone who has a passion for food, food security, food sustainability and community service to come to our meetings &/or volunteer at The Hut or Food Bank or the future community garden.  Let’s Eat!

  • The Harvest Sharing Hut provides a time and place to connect people who have too much produce with people who want fresh produce.  Every Monday morning from 9AM to noon gardeners and farmers bring their extra fruits and vegetables to the Hut and people who can use this food come and pick it up.  It’s that simple!  In 2015 during its first season, the Hut shared 3,386.25kg which is 7,449 ¾ pounds. That’s 3.72 tonnes of food or the size of an adult African elephant!  The Hut strives not only to help feed those in need but to prevent food wastage. Everyone is welcome.  Come check it out from the first Monday in June to Thanksgiving.

  • The Focus for 2016 is the establishment of a community garden.  FACT members are looking for a good location in Enderby.  We have the soil and we have lots of good ideas.  We just need the right place.


To find out more about the food activities or
to join our committee; contact us through
Enderby and District Community Resource Centre
at either edcomrc@outlook.com or 250-838-9446.


  1. To share information and network.
  2. Identify and fill service gaps
  3. Support existing programs and initiatives.
  4. Raise public awareness and education    regarding food security.
  5. Work to change local government, Interior Health, and Regional district policies to support our vision.

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Food Action Committee